Blizzard deleted the video of the second season Diablo 4 due to numerous errors

Blizzard deleted the video of the second season Diablo 4 due to numerous errors

The development company, which became part of Microsoft after the completion of the transaction with the Activision Blizzard King, published on Twitter/X a video telling about various changes in the second season that will occur with Diablo IV release "Blood season". However, numerous inaccuracies in the video led to the fact that it was removed.

Prior to the start of the second season, Diablo 4 remain a few days, and deadly vampire abilities – this is what will be the main thing in the game "Blood season". After a rather calm first season, it seems that the second season Diablo 4 will bring many changes that the players asked for, as well as the long -awaited portion of additional content, which will not be bored. However, unfortunately, the last attempt by Blizzard to present this was not entirely successful.

"Look at some of the best changes in the quality of life that will appear in Season of Blood", – It is said in the Diablo account on the social platform Twitter/X, accompanied by a video lasting 1 minute 40 seconds, demonstrating some of these changes. However, as Diablo Ryan noted in a funny video "RAXXANTERAX" S, the demonstration turned out to be a beating actual errors.

Raxx barely restrains laughter even before the start of the video. "I want to give a few constructive remarks, ”he grins,“ because, in my opinion, Blizzard needs to sell your own products a little better". First, this is a comparison "before and after" how one of Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons in the first season looks like one of the Endheim dungeons compared to the second. Unfortunately, the creators of the video mixed up screenshots in places with the image of old and updated dungeon cards.

An even greater bewilderment is a demonstration of an increase in experience, which gives incorrect mathematical calculations. The figure of 1040 experiences was obtained as a result of improper multiplication of 1000 by 40%.

In addition, in a video demonstrating new changes in the speed of movement, the character in both videos is in the center of the screen, which makes it difficult to determine the speed of movement.