The Starfield fan spent 50 hours to recreate the new Atlantis using Lego

The Starfield fan spent 50 hours to recreate the new Atlantis using Lego

While most players are busy creating their ships and compiling stellar cards, one Starfield fan has recreated the whole city of New Atlantis in Lego Constructor. The capital of the United Colonies is one of the first major cities that the players will visit the huge Starfield universe, and it quickly became an attractive place with amazing architecture and many useful objects.

The general structure and design of the city as a whole makes it an outstanding place in the Starfield universe and attractive to contemplation in the game. One big fan of the city even dedicated the whole 50 hours to recreate the city from Lego in the virtual design program Bricklink Stud.Io. This impressive project was implemented by the Taris120 user with Redid, who shared his creation in a post on a site that quickly attracted the attention of the game community. Despite the fact that the project does not exist in the form of physical construction, mainly due to constructive reasons, it covers all areas of the new Atlantis and is an exciting Lego miniature.

Many fans note that the lack of a detailed map of the city and its merchants in the game allows you to look at the city from the point of view that is not in the game, and, possibly, facilitates the players navigation on it. Two widely discussed points of the dispute between Starfield fans are quick movement systems and maps present in the game. Although the movement mechanics may not have been what some players thought before the game, players who rely too much on the function of quick movement can miss some of the miracles that the game offers.

In Starfield, of course, there is no shortage of attractions. From the discovery of the long -forgotten monuments of mankind on Earth to the find of super -secret scientific objects on an alien moon – there are countless amazing places in the game that complement Starfield aesthetics, and many of which, undoubtedly, inspire fans to create similar art projects in the future.