January 18, Zenimax will hold The Elder Scrolls Online: Global Reveal 2024, after Xbox Developer Direct

January 18, Zenimax will hold The Elder Scrolls Online: Global Reveal 2024, after Xbox Developer Direct

As part of the announcement of the Xbox Developer Direct Microsoft, she reported that at the end of the presentation on January 18, the Zenimax Online team will delight all MMORPG fans, opening the surprises that will appear in 2024 in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In 2024, the tenth anniversary of the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online will be celebrated, which Zenimax Online will properly celebrate a series of initiatives in which the community will participate, as well as many shows, retrospective and ideas planned throughout the year.

The first of these events is planned at the end of the Xbox Developer Direct in January, with The Elder Scrolls Online Global Reveal 2024, which will be broadcast from 00:00 Moscow time on Thursday, January 19, on the Bethesda channel on Twitch.

According to the authors of Zenimax Online, the new head of The Elder Scrolls Online promises “Continue the story that began last year, but in another part of Tamriel. This will be a fantastic event, and we have several new systems that, as we think, about what everyone wants to hear about“.

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At the same time, and music, and the ENT, and the characters and quests, again, a good graphics – all this is cool, but you want a good set or a horse more interesting – Grinda or Plati, or gold or crowns, and these are billions of bugs and random, tired

No less tired of the approach – "Well, play our game yet, we throw you and the fortresses with handfuls", At the same time, servants are falling, you are in lines for input, an error with a flight to the main menu, the search for Pati doesn’t work normally for 10 years at all (at least one disagreement event, remember when you worked without bugs search), you are essentially forced to play for a frail or tank (well, or go to 4 DD with not very smart players in Dange, who are lungs, and in some it is impossible to discard the mechanics only by Damag), and what to say about the trials – after how many years to do so that the 1st part of that set is guaranteed to fall out, which you still do not have in the collection? and the collections themselves for convenience when they did? And yes – if you want to recreate a thing from the collection – again the grind that forces the subscription, because there is a bag for an infinite number of stored resources, because without this the game begins to turn xs into (well, seriously if I want to play in Rust or Division with a ton not the right loot, I will download them and start them, but I do not like Rust, and Division is not the same as mmorpg in the world of ancient scrolls)

The whole claim is not to people who play, not to the community of the game, and not even to the idea of ​​a game that is good, a claim to fools -developers and a greedy publisher, where there is no progress, where there is any stream for the past 5 or more developers – this is from the same developers – this is from the same developers – this The maximum normal regime of some kind of dungeon from the next supplement, while even Stream-Team does not want to participate in this, simply because these are bugs, these are mechanics that do not work as the developers broadcast, and as a result, the players themselves spend hours on Grind Both the development of content, and they get, most often with a creak, but at the same time you went a bunch of complex aces on the trial and your reward. Mount, which will most likely appear in a crown store, not the same, but with a very similar model or animation, there is no something unique and worthy of a reward in a commensurate for what has been completed