Soul Reaver is one of the sources of inspiration when creating Lords of the Fallen

Soul Reaver is one of the sources of inspiration when creating Lords of the Fallen

The Lords of the Fallen franchise returns with a soft reboot and promises to expand the possibilities of the original, bringing the advanced gameplay and new mechanics into it. One of the main additions will be "Double world".

Mechanics "Double world" will give players more chances for salvation – this time in the world of the dead. In addition, with the help of a special lantern, it will be possible, surviving, to see the ways that exist only in the world of the dead.

A similar course of events, obviously, will somewhat remind many the classic Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, which had a similar approach. According to the creative director of the studio of Cesar Virtos, for them the game from Eidos Interactive, without a doubt, serves as a guide, characterizing Lords of the Fallen as "What if it were Dark Souls, but with Soul Reaver?".

Soul Reaver is absolutely 100%, a guideline for us. When you have to explain the strange mechanics of our game for people with money who are going to invest all their funds in this project, you need to find a simple way to tell them what you have planned, correctly? Therefore, we say: "You played Soul Reaver?".

Soul Reaver, the inverted world of Stranger Things, and those nightmares that when you die, you find yourself in a trap, you have no soul, there is an idea of ​​smoldering, something entropic and mysterious, some kind of cosmic horror. Since this all started..

It is noteworthy that, having arrived to represent Lords of the Fallen to investors, the director was surprised that Yan Livingstone, former President of Eidos Interactive, was at the meeting. Livingston even felt in the project acquaintance with Soul Reaver.

When we discussed the game with investors, people said "Hmm, yes" and [seemed indecisive], and Ian Livingston [former president of Eidos Interactive] was there. We did not even suspect that he would be there as an adviser to investors. When we showed PowerPoint and represented the game, he said: "It reminds me of something that I did. " And we were incredibly flattered, as you can imagine".

Being in search of inspiration, the studio, however, seeks to create something of its own. According to the head of the Studio of Sol Gascon, they plan to update existing concepts under modern platforms, while proposing their own unique ideas.

A reference to Soul Reaver is just a speech for presenting a project. But then you need to do something of your own, because you can’t just convey what was in Soul Reaver. Decades ago. You need to update everything, make you work with modern ideas. Even how you interact with [another world, umbral] how you can raise a lamp and look into another world. Everything should be different.

The game takes place thousands of years after the events of the first game. The developers promise that the new game will be five times larger than its predecessor, and will also differ in a faster and more dynamic gaming process.

Lords of the Fallen will be released on October 13 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.