Mechanics Voiceover introduced a 20-minute gameplay video The Callisto Protocol in Russian

Mechanics Voiceover introduced a 20-minute gameplay video The Callisto Protocol in Russian

Mechanics Voiceover introduced a new video with the English voice acting of the space horror The Callisto Protocol. This is not the final sound, something will be changed, something is added and fixed, but in general it is already quite close to the final version.

The deadlines for the release of the main game and the Final Transmission additions were not named, but the project now has maximum priority and, according to the authors, they are already at the final stage of the localization process – it remains to finish the sound of sound, test and correct the shortcomings discovered under it.

English sounds just divine. Play in English kayf! What could be better? And nothing can. For only the great and mighty beautiful English language is able to reveal in all its glory such games as The Callisto Protocol. And this 20 -minute roller confirms my thought. Just listen to how the game in English sounds – the beauty of the paradise for your ear! KAEF!

Is this voice acting at all?

Great competitor to Gamesvoice
I am waiting!

Yeah, and grandfather Space too)

Gorgeous. Everything is looking forward to.

I hope when they finish the voice acting, then the hacking of the game will follow it so that everyone can download it from the torrent, otherwise they say that it is not worth buying to buy it.

Even if they do not hack, there is offline activation for 20-30 wooden.

And what, as the translation will appear, you can still try to interrogate ETU garbage, at least some interest will be)))

I’ve already passed this garbage 4 times..

I agree, the game is not bad, but the ending of the addition just killed me)) . After the credits)))

Jackab you are Skore there?!

And she will come out, or like with Dead Space, too "Once there"?

Or like Hellblade. How many years have been doing?

They do not zvozh, but do and do it professionally not on their knees!
Only the ZP actors costly costs.

But do they already exist, the repaki is?

They haven’t hacked yet

Buy offka for 50 r on fanpai

The game is good, I went through it a couple of times

Grandfather Space will not work, this is mythical voice acting from the studio of balabols.

There are already repaki only without pills

The game did not hack)))))) you can take offline asset))))

I know) – So I’m waiting for when))

They spoke voice acting in August will be released for Dead Space and for Callisto Protokol.Well, wait, wait. Wallowing horseradish!

But at the same time, give the money (and if everything is true for fees), then not small . even it’s somehow dull.

They gathered a lam for voice acting a ZV with a red -haired gg, where dialogs are one and a half things (not thousands)

I understand that every work should be paid, but in this situation I will not say that. For if you undertake to release work on the concrete date and take money from people ahead, then be kind to fulfill your promises, and not tell the tales of the level, everyone fell ill with flatulence. And this (as I understand it) is not the only project, in short, the guys lifted the dough, but something somehow deaf. One gets the impression that some kind of scams, but they made (for lure) for example the same resident (dubbing), but that’s all the same. They grabbed heaps of projects and have not yet been released, but now they are still gutting that they are already doing her own voice acting, that you get the only one to mind. They even have an off site (which is stupidly dead and besides data bank. there is nothing more there) and VK page that can be said and the asset was in the summer (well, after summer, again, the same, the same video of the voice acting calisto and, as it were, all the same. ). the same thing.