A trailer, screenshots and details of the remaster The Last of US: Part 2 appeared on the Web

A trailer, screenshots and details of the remaster The Last of US: Part 2 appeared on the Web

Rumors about the updated version of The Last of US Part 2 have repeatedly appeared in recent months, and most recently the game was also seen in the PlayStation Store. Now the description of the game in PS Store has leaked through PS Deals, revealing new details about how it will be improved compared to the original version of 2020.

The Last of US Part 2 Remastered will include a new Roguelike survival mode called No Return. With each launch of the regime, players have to survive as long as possible and go through random meetings.

Players have to face “diverse tests“Who will entail”various opponents and memorable locations»From the base game, and tests”end with tense battles with bosses“. In addition, many unlocked game characters will be available, each of which has its own unique game features, including some, for which it was never before it was possible to play.

In addition, according to published information, The Last of US Part 2 will also contain a lot of backstage content, including developers and three new “lost levels”, which has not been included in the final version.

The Gaitar Free Play mode is also included, in which players will be able to freely participate in the guitar mini-game The Last of US Part 2, and according to the leak, additional unlocked tools will also include (perhaps this is what the composer of Gustavo Santolalla accidentally dared earlier in this year).

Remaster also includes new open skins of characters and weapons for Ellie and Abby, as well as the new Speedrun mode, and also adds descriptive sound and speech to vibration to a set of special capabilities.

Meanwhile, with regard to the visual and technical aspects, Listing mentioned “Many graphic improvements“, But it does not specify that this will entail. Fidelity mode is also mentioned, in which the game will be launched in 4K resolution, although, curious, there is no mention of the performance mode of 60 frames per second. The list also mentions support for DualSense functions and faster boot time.

Sony confirmed that The Last of US Part 2 Remastered will be released on PS5 January 19.