The legendary Half-Life shooter celebrates its 25th anniversary-the game has received a major update and you can pick it up for free

The legendary Half-Life shooter celebrates its 25th anniversary-the game has received a major update and you can pick it up for free

Half -Life is a cult debut game from Valve, released on November 19, 1998. This was one of the first FPS to offer players almost cinematic experience. And at the same time, she had a very cool multiplayer regime, convenient for those who like to engage in modding games. Thanks to this, we received Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic. Without a doubt, Half-Life was a phenomenon at the time of its exit and remained for him for a long time.

The action will continue until November 20. Valve also released a watch documentary dedicated to Half-Life.

Half-Life also received a major update with new and restored content and many diverse changes, and Steam Deck owners have received full compatibility. Prior to this, support for the game on the portable PC was only partial. You can familiarize yourself with a full list of changes and additions here.

Yes, just read why the legend. Breakthrough AI, still find interesting features of AI. The graphics were top -end, the physics of objects, the plot is not presented through dialogs, notes and videos, and you observe it directly from the first person. SCI-Fi entourage, variability of enemies. I think many who found her best times, they will add a lot more.

Poridzhi does not know how to read something by syllables, and even about the assimilation of information and speech is not even about. Generation Tiktoka, what to take from them?

Even now with modern graphics (Black Mesa) is played amazingly! I missed the first half in due time (I was small), and the dark meza turned out to be an incredibly interesting immersive adventure. That game where it is interesting to just move forward and inspect every angle. It was after her that Prey 2017 wanted to go through, which I also did not regret. And then you try to find something else similar and. and xs) on this our powers are all

And I did not master the first half, stuck on the locations with the rails

Concerning, "Black Mesa" then this is a game from fans made by fans, which is why it is not called "Half-Life Remastered". And so I agree, the game is interesting, in distant childhood I did not play it, at the time of its release I was less than a year😳

Therefore, I got acquainted with the first part, just through "Black Mesu"

I advise you to play the first Prey from the beginning of the 2000s.

First Prey – year 2006 or 2007 on the Doom engine. About the Indian) Then there was a normal norm, but in those days there was a wonderful Quake 4 on that Zhigle with a similar shooting mechanics

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He did not go, but was suppressed by this news, especially that the game became free.

Oh gods, they corrected this fison, buggy from the high personnel frequency!
They fixed the lighting!
They returned almost a classic menu!
They fixed a rag of grenade!
Now it looks and plays as then, in the year of the release!
I ran to recall!

Heimsvois, instead of doing incomprehensible what, it would be better to make neat voice acting the original HL.

Well, it is not clear what – the project collected the donat, they voiced. The work is not carried out quickly while they are. Here they now have training on Dying Light, that I’m much more waiting for

On Dayin Light? God.
I said about it – do not understand what. The meaning of translating the game that is already translated?

That’s it, Half Life is also translated and voiced, what is the point of doing?))) And Dying Light has no voice acting, now a donation is being collected, and this project has been asked for a long time from Gamesvoise. The game is also cult. But even though I like Half -Life, but in fact she doesn’t even need a translation, and so it is clear what is happening, during her initial exit, no one went into the plot at all, and the dialogs, the game is so well done – this is not sarcasm. But many still delved into the plot deeper, the voice acting appeared, about which some dude did not even stutter

So from Gamesvoise is also a pirate dubbing, to any game where there is their voice acting – it will remain a pirate. But of high quality. It’s the point of arguing at all about whether the voice acting for Dying Light is needed or not, when, due to the demand, Gamesvoise began collecting a donation and began to be voiced. The game is good, and the voice acting to it was very helpful. I would then throw the Donat after this and for Half-Life, if they take it, I like both games. Many people want some of their game to be voiced at their request, but it is so simply not done. And this is not the only group of dubbing for games, and so it is clear

It is sad that Gaben never dared to make a continuation.

He has a steam that brings a lot of money and therefore he is so good. And yes, the picture does not have an episode of the third))

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Just at my silver wedding. *looks like a tear*
and for a golden wedding, the second part will be distributed.

Half Life 3 no longer remembers. And in vain. XD

Normally, albeit junk, but the game made a breakthrough in technology at one time, in addition, multiplayer to this day is alive

This is not old, but a classic! The Zumers do not understand the trepidation that a person who played in the first years after the release is experiencing.

For the first time, played in the first half at Korefan, on the Sega Dream Cast. In the last millennium 🙂 then I just fucked up. The graphon at that time was something incredible, then I played little, because I just fell off my jaw. And when Hedkrab jumped on me for the first time, I almost drowned with fear. I experienced something like this much earlier when I took a mega Drive from another roots and chopped down in Zero Tolerance, also covered with cold sweat. Times were strange, there was no time to play, and the first half, later, I went later than the second. But she is always in my heart, along with scars from microinfarcts 🙂
By the way, I got the second half in Steam in the Steam another year of exit, quite by accident. I bought a CL2 disc, arrived home, regained in Steam, started installing, and the game let’s drive from the Internet. I immediately cut down so as not to sell the apartment for debts to the provider. I arrived at the store again and changed the disc for a stalker. Steam did not use for many years, and then, having downloaded and remembering the password, it turned out to be HL2 E1 I have on the account 🙂

And the Drimast version was canceled.

Maybe they canceled but I am the second person who played with Korefan and it was on Sega Drimkast.

The old -time renewal is. The same Folych is alive and will live, and then the paragraph

There is no license

The very moment when the Playground newsletter comes 21.eleven..

Do anything, just not to release the continuation.

About the fact that Gaben can count only up to two already joked?

First updated Left 4 Dead 2, now this. Did Valve decide to walk on her projects, pleasantly pleasing. ))

They only break mods. Yes, and in L4D2 it is not at all clear why they added content from CSS, which does not fit into the style of playing at all.

Well, I rarely use global mods, the textures of characters and zombares perhaps, so nothing has broken down, so I can not judge. And the weapon from the KS has always been there, it was simply unlocked by the console team, they only made it affordable.

They only break mods. Yes, and in L4D2 it is not at all clear why they added content from CSS, which does not fit into the style of playing at all.

there was always, just SPAVN used to be catastrophically tiny, now almost at the level

Finally integrated part of the fan "mods" In the original Half-Life.

P.S. And the Source was removed:

Why play it if there is Black Mesa?

Because the multiplayer is alive there, and on Black Mesa is dead. The first for the fil, the second for the plot.

Black Mesa ≠ Half Life. The plot is changed, gameplay, NPS, graphics – everything is changed and made under the vision of the authors of the remake

For the enlarged HUD and the ability to turn off the filtering of the textures, just thank you very much. They really forgot about the addons, Blue Shift does not start at all.

Blue shift is not needed.

well Gaben well, cunning dog

Thanks for the news! Was able to pick up the legendary game

And I just wanted to buy the key well, I didn’t have time to buy

List of changes in English: https: // store.Steampowered.COM/News/App/70/View/6941797379568863069

On such a wonderful occasion: Krasnoyarsk. Buy discs in the publication "Fargus": "Half-Life: Azure Sheep", "Half-Life: Frontline 3in1 and 4in1", "Half-Life: Heart of Evil", "Half-Life: The Opera", "Half-Life: Wanted!", In the publication "7 -wolf": "Half-Life: Retribation", Any publisher: "Half-Life: Day of Defeat", "Half-Life: They Hunger"

Why collect pirate discs?

You had two options: offer me what is indicated above or pass by. From where you pulled the third option – ideas are absent completely

And where is Chernobyl?

I took the game. Thank you for the post. You really need such posts where they notify that the games give for free, or with good discounts.

And you have already forgotten how to use the tralent to use?

I have a very skillful torrent, but the official freebie is also a good thing.

20 years ago, the first PC was Half-Life, it passed it many times

Last fall made a Half Life marathon -> Half Life: Opposite Force -> Half Life: Blue Shift
-> Half Life 2 -> Half Life 2: Episode One -> Half Life 2: Episode Two.
I also wanted to capture the portals, but a bit bored)

Thanks for the news, I took it

The update broke other parts of HL and the games on the GULD SORS do not start at all, cool