Announced Souls-like role-playing game Deathbound

Announced Souls-like role-playing game Deathbound

TATE Multimedia and Tritorge Studio announced Deathbound, a role -playing game, the action of which unfolds in brutal reality, where life and death never contradicted each other. Sile the essence of the fallen warriors and reveal the secrets hidden in the techno-medieval world filled with ruthless creatures.

The action of Deathbound takes place in a crumbling civilization, where the clash between a fanatical faith and unnatural science destroyed the world of Zeminal and the great city of Akrai. Throughout their crusade, players will face ruthless monsters who will experience the will and valor of everyone who knocks on their door. There is neither good nor evil inside, only excuses.

Akraia is a vile and dangerous city. To win, not to mention survival, you will need something more than a traditional sword and shield. Deathbound has a unique binding system that allows players to absorb the essence of the fallen warriors found around the world. The essence proposes the ability to create convenient game styles using a variety of skills and abilities, as well as form a group. Thanks to dynamic transformation, players can switch between heroes in the group at any time and adapt to many dangerous situations in which they will find themselves. Binding also allows players to apply the destructive blows of the morph, using the combined forces of all absorbed fallen. The line between life and death is thin as a razor. Carefully executed morphracy can change the course of the battle.

The memories and personalities of the fallen will also be disclosed by binding. In addition to the environment and objects, the essence will reveal the narrative of the world of Zeminal and its inhabitants. Although players should act carefully when binding, since not all heroes converge harmoniously. Conflicts caused by the absorption of various entities will greatly affect both the gameplay and the narrative.