Classic from Quantic Dreams appeared in gog. Polish store celebrates the 15th anniversary

Classic from Quantic Dreams appeared in gog. Polish store celebrates the 15th anniversary

The Polish GOG store has turned 15 years old, and since 2008 its employees have been saving old games for future generations. Now the company celebrates the anniversary and debut of classic games in its assortment.

15 years is a really long time, but the GOG team does not stop fulfilling its mission to archive games for future generations. It was thanks to them that many outstanding and forgotten classic games of 30-40 years ago returned on sale.

Meanwhile, several new (old) games were published on the platform, including the Trio of the Aqua Adventures from Quantic Dream under the guidance of the legendary Davy Rain, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered: Two Souls).

Also, until September 25, you can get the Night of the Rabbit, an adventure game in the Point-And-Click genre released by Daedalic Entertainment in 2013.

Best service as for me. I always buy there if there is such an opportunity. Fortunately the choice is good there.

Great, GOG is the best service, there you can download the distribution, which does not require connections or cracks, nothing, installed and play.

How sorry and sad at the same time to observe the attempts of this company to extend its own existence through the trade of the past and nostalgia. Archaic nostalgia for childhood and lost – just an attempt to hide from the inevitable course of time.

Is it possible to call a genuine preservation of games when it comes only about commercial benefits? True memory of games should be stored in the hearts of players, not in the warehouses of companies. Isn’t it empty nostalgia forcing to seek comfort in the games of the past?

And what, they should optimize old games for modern platforms for free?

Yes, you are brothers you are carrying something? Of course, they should optimize old games for free, they have already received all the profit from them!

Come on in order – these games paid off for a long time, the company has earned millions on them over the years of releases and reprints. Now they again wipe all for the grandmas, releasing "Remasters"! And what, they were not enough for them? They have money in the office on the walls on the walls of the wallpaper instead of wallpaper, or something?

Moreover, these whiners are directed straight – they say technical difficulties, adaptation, blah blah. Well, kapets, 20 years ago, on a PC, everything was adapted for everything, but now they can’t without money? You are lying, I know how everything works, they just decided to earn extra money on us again!

So no, they have already washed away so much money from us, even if they do everything at least once for free, as appropriate for good people and from a big soul. Otherwise they are completely confused in their accounts, they will not understand who to earn money on.