Creative Assembly apologized to the players Warhammer 3 – The controversial DLC will receive a large content update

Creative Assembly apologized to the players Warhammer 3 – The controversial DLC will receive a large content update

Creative Assembly announced that DLC Thrones of Decay for Total War: Warhammer 3 will be postponed until 2024, which shifts DLC output for Total War: Warhammer 3. Initially, Thrones of Decay was scheduled for the winter of 2023.

However, several events that occurred from the moment of the road map has changed the overall picture: CA fell under the restructuring program ordered by Sega after the cancellation of Hyenas, an expensive shooter with a living service, which was very close to release, and DLC Shadows of Change for Total War: Warhammer 3 was not very well accepted by the community due to the high price and the lack of sufficient content.

The Total War: Warhammer 3 team tried to do everything possible to eliminate disagreements with the devoted community of the series, releasing a consistent series of updates that correct the mistakes that have long tormented the game. These corrections were well met by players and perceived as a sign that the game is developing in the right direction.

It seems that the developers want to maintain this positive course and extend the community with another olive branch: the content update for the DLC Shadows of Change, which will bring additional content to the owners of the extension for free and make the set as a more attractive offer for potential buyers who still postpone its acquisition.

The update exit is scheduled for February 2024.

The statement of the vice-president of the company Roger Collum says the following:

We listened to your reviews of Shadows of Change and we know that we could not live up to your expectations regarding what DLC should be. To solve this problem, we expand the proposal for everyone who purchased Shadows of Change, adding more content and undertaking to justify your expectations. We plan to release a major update for Shadows of Change, which will be free for everyone who owns it. We plan to release this update in February 2024, and then it will become part of a package for everyone who will buy a game in the future. This launch date is our ambitious goal, but it is not specific. She can move, and as soon as these plans are clarified, we will inform you of this and will keep you in the course of events as we approach the release. We also have a lot of work on Thrones of Decay, so as not to repeat past mistakes and provide you with the volume of content that you rightly expect from us at such a price. As soon as we start the free update of Shadows of Change, we will tell you more about what will offer the next DLC and how it will complement your impressions from Warhammer III. We will make sure that you know exactly what will be in Thrones of Decay, before preliminary orders will be available, and ensure the complete transparency of the contents before you see the buttons "Buy now". After the release of Thrones of Decay, we will tell you what the next Content series will look like for Warhammer III. Our work on this favorite series has not yet been finished.

Recently, Sega said that she wants Creative Assembly to focus on Total War again, which seems to be very consistent with this last step.