Details of the GTA 6 trailer were published by the Rockstar insider on the eve of the official release

Details of the GTA 6 trailer were published by the Rockstar insider on the eve of the official release

If you believe the leaks, then next week players will be able to see the new GTA 6 trailer. The long -term waiting for the sixth part of the Rockstar Games game franchise may end soon, and fans will be able to look at the game, as evidenced by a number of leaks.

One of the users Reddit shared a list of leaks associated with the GTA 6 trailer. The leak claims that his wife is an employee of Rockstar Games and "works in such a position that the trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto could see". The user claims that his wife saw the trailer personally and in detail told about him to his spouse (the author of the leak).

  • The trailer opens without music, only the sounds of beetles, crickets and other nature, on the frame of an alligator in a place similar to Everglaids. It looks very similar to RDR2 until the plane flies over the alligator. Before the cliff, the Alligator dives under water.
  • Against the background of a song from a trailer, an inscription Rockstar Studios Presents appears.
  • Song – That’s All Genesis group.
  • Humanities of the night life of Vice City, glamorous cars and nightclubs. Brokes the man drives out a person from the club. The guy gets to his feet and screams at the rabal, and his friends lead him.
  • A fat man in a Hawaiian shirt lies by the pool, fanning a fan. The wife says the guy is very sweaty.
  • Jason and Lucia are driving past the beach in a convertible. It seems that someone is engaged in surfing or Buginging.
  • Quick frame of fans with painted faces at the football stadium.
  • Lucia rides a horse along the highway. Behind her is a police helicopter.
  • Jason in a T -shirt with a jamb or cigarette sits on a four -wheeled vehicle.
  • Jason and Lucia in a shitty motel send pistols to each other, then they ride together on an American hill.
  • The talisman of the thematic park Flamingo receives a blow to the belly from the guy in the hat.
  • Jason and Lucia rob a store. Clerk slowly takes out a gun behind the counter.
  • A lot of fast shots. She remembers how the police car crashed into a barricade and a policeman flew out of the windshield, how Jason and Lucia passed prostitutes to a dubious night club, how Jason rode a jet ski, as a guy with long hair rode a skateboard in a skate park, as Jason sold Drugs, Lucia screams at someone and beats his head on the railing (his wife said that it reminds her of Yakuza’s actions), several teenagers write down how another teenager performs a stupid dance and falls, a person is dumped from an air boat, someone throws the fishing rod, Money is pouring on people dancing in a crowded club.
  • Jason and Lucia behind a shelter during a shootout in a territory similar to the Kennedy space center (part of the rocket).
  • Jason: "This is madness. What are you ready to lose?" Lucia: "We went through a lot. We have nothing to lose".
  • The trailer ends with the final frame of the beach, where the boat crosses the camera, after which the inscription appears "Grand Theft Auto VI".

At the end of the message is a paragraph that reports that the trailer will be released next week. The leak ends with the words that this is what everyone will see in the next few days, and that he will update the post if his wife remembers something else.

A friend’s wife works at Rockstar Games. Today urgently called to the meeting. Returned late and explained nothing. Said only to collect things and run to the store for products for two weeks. Now we are going somewhere far outside the city. I don’t know what is happening, but it seems to me that it has begun.

Trailer retelling, brilliantly set his wife

It is interesting for a long time to work such wives =) if they will tell husbands after signed papers and husbands immediately drain

Soon there will be plums from the son of a cleaning lady who worked and accidentally saw the trailer The Elder Scrolls 6 while cleaning the Todd office

And you do not admit that this is not a leak, but "a leak". So to speak to warm the audience.

I just admit, I wrote that soon the plums from the incomprehensible who and also relatives =)

I would like the only thing to not 25 years . Now the trailer in six months, the release like GTA 5 was so it was . At least I remember so . That was a long time ago

But Ned Luke said that you can’t say anything to anyone even to relatives
I will not be surprised if the wife of this person is fired, of course his wife

And cleaned under the table. Anshabudl

she has a memory!

My brother is an employee of Rockstar Games and he said that a robocop with a terminator will appear in the gta 6 trailer and they will begin to fight against the aliens invading the ground! And personally, I believe my brother much more than some stupid shkolosaur, who invented a story about his wife!

My brother of a familiar designer works there. He confirmed your words, everything is so

No. Battlpass online, the skin of the Terminator and the Robocop with their hands will tear off: D

Waau what the hysteria respect to you!

It looks like a real inside, the description fully complies with the Rockstar manner to present his games, well, the song Genesis with a direct text hints at difficult love relationships between the main characters.

Considering the fact that gg is a brother and sister.

Well, incest is a family business)

So it seems to have already been refuted..

And this beautiful song was released at the end of October (1983)

Twenty -five again)

Go chtol also create news, they say my wife saw the trailer GTA7. Got it, honestly.

If the game goes to the paste, any breakthrough in terms of graphics or physics is not worth expecting.

I am more than sure, this is a GTA V resin with wooden machines, no more, judging by because they drained earlier, a purely new milking for the online mode. A breakthrough in physics ala gta iv is definitely not worth waiting for, only to wind yourself in vain.

delirium of the blue mare, saw plums last year and now you draw conclusions ? In your opinion, people have been waiting for the game for 11 years to see RESKIN GTA 5 ?

Well, as if in most of your sect "GTA" retardy, they have been playing in the stupid online mode all these years, they will donate and do not complain.

I don’t think that according to the early screens, when the game was still at the development stage, you can draw conclusions about what graphics and physics will be in the end. The game world is huge, it is not done at once, usually the graphics are made at the end, and not at the beginning, of course, developers at the initial stage use what they have, and then improve. For different games, there are a lot of mods to improve graphics, compare, for example, default Skyrim and with mods, compare 4 and 5 GTAs with mods and without. And even if modmakers who are not developers are able to appeal to the graphics themselves, then the developers will probably be able to do this themselves. Each new part was quite very different in graphics from the previous one, although at the initial stage it was quite much like the previous one. In games where there is an opportunity to edit the character’s appearance, few people constantly do this from scratch, usually people create a character and from time to time edit their appearance and developers, while some people make beautiful new, highly polygonal quality models, draw new quality textures, others work Over new animations and improvements, old people from the developers team using old models and textures make a new city, then when new models of characters, transport, weapons, buildings and other things are ready, they change the old ones to new ones. Then they test all this, look for bugs, look that it can still be improved. well, roughly speaking, something like this is happening, if everyone was waiting for one to do their work, then the development process would be many times longer. And the result would be worse, because so far one does one, and the other another, each constantly improves/changes what has been done earlier, and at the final stage everything that was done by different people is going to one whole and tested.

Why should I bother with mods as a consumer, install openiv, unpack and pick .RPF files, score the head for yourself and at the same time dozens of extra memory gig, keeping backups and if the game crashes, then sort out a bunch of mods and find out from for which it will fly out, and there will definitely be from the GTA, it is crookedly made and the developers themselves were drinking sticks For lovers to bother with mods. When I buy AAA game, as if from a box I want normally working, beautiful, well -developed basic things (that is, graphics, physics, optimization), and not an empty map after the plot with wooden machines. Now what is not a game, you need to put mods, then for optimization, then to fill with content, and if you do not want, then go to a dumb Grind mode (online) in most cases with cheat. In the end, I bathe AAA game, not the designer of Lego (that is, some naked skeleton), on the basis of which you collect yourself "game" Himself from mods, thanks even for the plot, although, for example, in GTA 5, it can hardly be called plot.

. which Rockstar will milk the next 10 years

From this GTA 5 became worse or RDR2 suddenly turned out to be a zilch? While expectations are worth it.

From this RDR online was buried almost immediately after the release, the update RDR2 was not born for the consoles of the current generation, and the next part of the GTA has to wait more than ten years

I asked about specific games, not about online and ports.

I can do that too

The trailer opens on a dusty deserted road, where a huge truck rushes forward, forcing the sand to scurry in a whirlwind. Fatal music plays on the radio, and the camera slowly approaches the cabin of the truck.

Then the camera switches to a beautiful city landscape, with high skyscrapers and bright advertising. You can see different characters racing on fast cars, on motorcycles and even on bicycles through lively streets.

Alternately, the trailer shows heroes with different stories – from the protagonist with a dark past to a charismatic woman who controls her own business. They enter the shootings with the police, associates and competitors, creating chaos and adrenaline.

The shots of the action are replaced – races on steep vehicles, sea chases on boats, explosions, theft, and various interactions with the outside world. All this chaos is accompanied by fun and dynamic music.

Then the trailer goes to a short dialogue between the main character and his partner standing on the roof of the building. The main character says: "There are no rules in this city. This is our world." The partner replies: "And we create it."

The final shots – powerful explosions, catchy stages and grandiose events that promise impressive game experience.

And a logo appears on the final frame "Grand Theft Auto VI" And the release date.