The new version of The Sinking City will be free for all owners

The new version of The Sinking City will be free for all owners

Frogwarees confirmed that the new version of The Sinking City detective horror, which will appear on Steam, will be free for all existing owners.

This news has become part of the FAQ according to the new version of the game, in which Frogwarees categorically confirms that the new version will really be available for players without an additional fee.

When the new version of The Sinking City was presented last week, Frogwarees did not technically confirm that the players would no longer have to pay for the game, although it was assumed that it would be so.

Frogwarees said she did not know when exactly a new version will appear, but it is currently planned that it will be released around mid -January.

The old version of the game will be available until February 28, after which it will disappear. It is better to make sure you started the game on the new version until this point.

If you still want to play the new version of The Sinking City, not starting the game from scratch, FroGWares says that it will prepare storage files that will allow you to do this. However, they "will not be able to 100% match your previous progress", Since these will be saving specially prepared frogwarees, and not accurate copies of your old conservations files.

At the moment, no visual or gameplay updates are planned in the new version, but it also means that the system requirements will remain the same.

DLC, releasing on other platforms, will be available on Steam, but they will not be compatible with the old version, so you have to play a new version if you want to enjoy the additional content of The Sinking City.

If you are not familiar with The Sinking City, then the game was removed from Steam sales in 2021 after the dispute between Frogwarees and the publisher of Bigben Interactive (now Nacon).

In the end, the game was restored, but frogwarees said that the reprint was loaded without her consent, and filed a DMCA claim against the reprinted version.

However, now Frogwarees has all publishing rights on The Sinking City, so the new version of the game will have nothing to do with the dispute with Nacon. follow the news.