Io Interactive revealed several details about her game about James Bond

Io Interactive revealed several details about her game about James Bond

Io Interactive, the Danish studio standing at the Hitman series, talked about her upcoming game about James Bond under the code name Project 007. In a recent interview with EDGE magazine, General Director Hakan Abrack and Creative Director Christian Elverdam told about the vision of the project, hinting that the main attention will be paid to the narrative and espionage, and not exclusively the action.

According to the interview, Project 007 will serve as the history of the origin of the cult spy, showing the young Bond that proceeds to fulfill his early tasks. Although the details remain meager, the developers suggest that the tone of the game will be closer to the harsh image of Daniel Craig than to the more frivolous interpretations of Roger Moore. This coincides with the proposal that IO sent Eon Productions a few years ago.

We seemed to be preparing to create an agent’s imagination for more than 20 years. I thought about it before, but now everything has become extremely clear. We seemed to return to the same place. We have a dream that we can not only be "Hitman studio".

Departing from the open structure of Hitman, Project 007, as expected, will offer more scribbled experience, potentially closer to traditional action-adventures from a third party. However, the game will still draw inspiration from IO experience in creating complex sandboxes. Elverdam mentions the desire to create "Living universe" For Bond, hinting at developing narratives and elements.

Abrak and Elverdam also confirmed their desire to make Project 007 with the first chapter in the multi -game arch, just as they did with the Hitman trilogy. These ambitions depend on the success of the first release, but the developers are confident in their ability to create a fresh and exciting look at the bond franchise.

The acquisition of an IO interactive license for James Bond is a big deal, but not so unexpected, because the studio is primarily known for its work on the Hitman series. James Bond, although not a custom -made killer, is an agent Mi6. Bond is not alien to murder for the sake of fulfilling his mission.