According to the new rumors, Mortal Kombat 1 will be released in September, the announcement will take place within a few weeks

According to the new rumors, Mortal Kombat 1 will be released in September, the announcement will take place within a few weeks

Earlier today, the famous Billbil-Kun insider on Twitter revealed the name of the next Mortal Kombat game and some other information. Now the sources of the Windows Central portal confirmed that the information provided by Billbil-Kun is true. The report said that the next Mortal Kombat from Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros. Games will be called “Mortal Kombat 1”. It is planned to be released for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. Sources suggest that the game will be fully disclosed in the next couple of weeks.

Sources suggest that Mortal Kombat 1 is aimed at the launch window in September 2023, although plans may change. In the seasonal subscription of the characters of MK1, various heroes belonging to Warner Brothers will be presented, including the Peacemaker from the DC universe and, possibly, even a master of comic books of the kids.

Due to the approaching marketing season, Summer Games Fest, as well as the presentations of Xbox, PlayStation and others on the horizon, you can expect a full announcement of Mortal Kombat 1 and the date of its release by that time.

well, I hope Roster of the fighters will not be from the first part)

I think Striker will be

And I would not mind if there were only 7 fighters, but if there were so few of them, then it could have been made global changes in the game itself, for example, allow to conduct fatalities in the story of fashion. If they did this, then Story Maud could specifically boil into reigree simply because a bunch of players would like to find out different endings.

well, one does not interfere with the other.I do not see much sense in Story Maud, so you often do them in ordinary battles, and you can also boost the story with a big nerd.But judging by the fresh tweet of Ed Buna about Injustice, he is something troll again

aaahahhaha p30, for example, in the plot, the great Kung Lao wins to Shang Zun and Ahahhaha throws everyone on fatalitia. People lie on their thinking, fantasizing the logical but awkward formulas just to move even, everything that is logical – does not mean that it is good to critical, or do not perform at all in the FD, PitszDest ruiner

Pitttttzzzzdets interferes with how.

SOFT re-release of the series? Sho, again?

yeah again post canon zoiball

It’s clear. Restation again. Can’t they come up with something really new, instead of stomping around? Although, stop. These are all rumors for now. And nothing has been proved yet. Since information from left sources that do not belong to NRS. So maybe there is a nonsense.

I wish Trilogy’s Roster, but these are so dreams =)

This is the most ideal Roster for the entire MK series. MK9 (or MK 2011) has almost the entire Roster from MK Trilogy, but instead of Motaro, they replaced the chi chi from the 4th MK and added a couple of Persians – Scarlet and Kenshi.

Dumb -headed in FD.

In the seasonal subscription of MK1 characters, various heroes belonging to Warner Brothers will be presented

Well, at least now you can not take the seasonal. They cannot without clowning

You could not take them before what the problem is?

If this is really a restart, it will probably be focused on restarting the film franchise with the appropriate roster

I wish the graphite and animation would have stepped forward in terms of realism. To look straight and such a ‘wow!’..For fighting, you can already arrange this if you want and ask this idea.

No wonder they say that you should be afraid of your own desires. What? Naturalistic dissection wanted? Do you really want to feel the vomit? Or maybe this does not bother you? If you can’t wait so right, why not go to work as a pathologist? You can participate and feel the whole Realism. Games for that and games that they should not have too much in common with reality. Reality and outside the window is full. And what about the games, then for example I would like them not to be too much already realistic. Otherwise, individuals will certainly appear who will continue to distinguish between games and reality, and even if the politicians will definitely untie their hands and they really will be able to accuse the games and the whole industry as a whole for some sins like shooting and other crazy pieces.

In reality, you can only freeze your ass in winter, instead of a scorpion.

Politicals and so normally accuse the games, they are enough for this and that there is a graphone. But they can poke the 18+ icon in the face for this or, in contrast, showing cruel films with maximum realism, which they do not pay attention to and do not draw parallels. Well, the fact that you [comrade] do not export realism in games -tet for each his own.

Yes, not that I don’t divert, I just see no reason to do everything in the games the same as outside the window. If I allowed me to shoot, then instead of buying a realistic shooter or just a shooter, I would better go to the shooting range and shot there on targets (which I did at one time, though I didn’t get further than pneumatics). Instead of buying some kind of PC assembly simulator, I would buy and collect mine myself (which, in principle, I did). Well and so on. I love all sorts of RPGs more with magic or slasher. To chop all sorts of monstall under a fierce rock – this is mine and in real life outside the window you won’t do this anywhere, as if you did not want. Of course, I understand that among people there are damn monsters, but let the police and other organs engage in them. I also liked all sorts of fighting valves before, with super -resistances there like Street Fighter or King of Fighters. Well, Mortal Kombat is a little, but in modern I can’t. The reaction is not the same. I’m old already for this. Yes, and since the players began to calculate every frame and look for vulnerabilities in the game itself (Glichi and so on) for me it became strange and I somehow pulled away from this.

It has become fashionable recently: Remake, Remaster, restarting, more than ever, the proverb "New – well -forgotten old", By the way, Mortal Kombat 9 was positioned as a restart, it turns out that they had a bad restart?

It’s just that modern people go to new ideas to go to be afraid, because the devil knows or not, and after time the Title time -tested, they will stay until he brings grandmothers.

It would be better if they made a classic 2D-raim for the first 3 parts. What annoys me in the last fighting wings is long tricks. This is beautiful at first, but then constantly looking at these animations bothers. It is only to remember this X-ray. In the classical parts, everything was simple and fast.

Agree. The dynamics of the old parts was simply at missile speeds. It is on this that the third part is still well played and even on it, tournaments with cash prizes are held on it.

What are you investing about restart? It may be more accurate to rethink?

He defeats Shang Tsung, erases him from reality. He begins to create his new era, where at a certain point in time he visits the Shaolin temple, and meets his ancestor and ancestor Kung Lao – the great Kung Lao, and invites him to become a champion in Mortal Kombat.

And that this is such? This is a stupid continuation of the story. There will be no Kronniki. If this is the attempt of Buna to remind the return of the tournament by 92, then there is a city (although there was a kintaro that should be, and he was in MK 2) SHOBOSS from the Shokan – Gorod and the main boss of the game – the sorcerer Shang Zun.

So Shang Zun will no longer do why? I don’t believe Shao Cano, although it was always an outlet, you can say the villainous symbol of MK, then there was Shang Zun (like a cheat) for me even so far in T.h. Shinnoki, kuan chi then all garbage. Well, Blaise has yet come in)

well, make kuan chi as a playable cool, but no more.

They promised insides of both rather old and new heroes.

I wish I would understand the abstract plot as in AmmageDdon, but with Kun Lao you need a coop as in Shaolin Monks! And if there are no cult villains, with usual heroes this is not the case. You only need new tops in the old tournament or an abstract story, but not with all -popular heroes. otherwise on the arena are the same, already tired.