Todd Howard continues to justify the console 30 FPS in Starfield: “The sensations are really magnificent”

Todd Howard continues to justify the console 30 FPS in Starfield: “The sensations are really magnificent”

Bethesda decided to abandon two game modes for Starfield on Xbox Series X | S. The game will only work at 30 frames per second, and Todd Howard continues to explain this situation. The developers in this case made a choice in favor of a consistent gameplay.

Todd Howard gave an extensive interview to the editors of Kinda Funny Games, during which the theme 30 FPS was affected. Many gamers cannot understand why the developers will not offer two modes and, with a lower resolution, will not provide 60 FPS at least for Xbox Series X.

The director and executive producer Bethesda emphasized that the most important task of the developers was to provide "stability" – By this we can mean that the company wants constant 30 frames, and not jumps from 30 to 60.

Howard noted that his team wanted to offer a full -fledged game on all platforms, and the idea to remove one of the functions, for example, on Xbox, never arose.

We never thought about removing some kind of function, our attention is focused on providing everything. Ultimately, everything came down to the fact that we need stability. The game works fine, but we do not want players to ever think about it. Of course, we saw other games in which there are performance modes, but we are inclined to stability.

Starfield developers focused on making 30 FPS on consoles as stable as possible, and performance during the gaming process is expected to provide excellent impressions. According to Howard, this is the best game Bethesda in history.

The sensations are really magnificent, the game is perfectly felt in the hands. And I would say that the developers know about it, but there are things that can be done to make it look and feel great – things such as blurring movement, the speed of updating the game or the reaction to the input of the controller, all these things matter in which What provides magnificent sensations, and I can honestly say that this is the best game that we made.