Musical track for the plot DLC “Lord nothing” for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Musical track for the plot DLC “Lord nothing” for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

OWLCAT Games released a video that contains a music track "Thy Time Is Never", the title theme for the fifth DLC "The Lord is nothing" For Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

“Lord nothing” is the fifth story addition for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, completing the history of the second addition “Steps by Pepl”. Explore new unique locations, find new friends and fight with the powerful Lord of Demons to bring the history of Sendri and the reception to the long -awaited ending. And only it will depend on you than this adventure for the characters will turn out. After all, in addition to more than five unique endings.

DLC will be on sale on November 21, 2023.

It’s not too late to configure the violin,

Take the right note, fix the mistake!

It’s not too late to light the sun, a new sky and new stars

Not too late! Listen! I don’t want to be alone … in the void

It’s not too late to solve the problem, take the major chord, a beautiful topic

It’s not too late to live without falsehood, create a new world, better than before

Not too late! Listen! I don’t want to be alone … Lord nothing

I’m absolutely sure that there will be a ton of references to the musical "The last test".

Those who made Pathfinder are kind Englishs, but they did not bring English voice acting in their games.

They even have English only partial, only a small part of the main quest dialogs are voiced, they probably just have no money for English 🙂

They themselves said in an interview that the main consumer audience is English -speaking, so the English language was primary, and they simply do not have enough means for English voice acting.

Yes Yes. Rockstar has the same situation!

What are the poor, but on the 2nd part of the game there was enough funds. And for paid DLS.

This is the fifth story addition for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, completing the history of the second addition “Steps by Pepl”

Here in the DLC they are now wounds for their waja. And something confuses me of what they will succeed. Piplu by definition will be lucky if, after the intervention of the Sovokota, the Varhammer universe does not cease to exist. They are divided into 2 fronts. along the way not one in normal will not be completed.
Anger if you look not finished that there is a commander in life. I managed to live for 4 years, I was operating and immediately trying to merge it or attach it to God, whom you did not see in the eye and reduce its existence through his endings.
He doesn’t even have motivation to help someone, only there is not even the past – (background) in order to stupidly choose a deity and generally give the point of living even "Legend"(Remember what it was, but there is nothing to remember). well, but he chooses him who don’t get it. The commander looked at all this "why me? what I was guilty that the world wants to destroy me so?" And it all comes down to the fact that he just has a special soul pancake, charm and for this everyone wants to break it to pieces "gods". And he himself "nothing". And what reaction should the player have? Well, they were well called by the current narrative, if they do not give in future dopes to spread the acting pantheon with local concepts of the universe, all that they turned there, including the released DLCs, does not make sense. And them "Ascension" where you can come to the local lawyer pupim (lord of death) to the slaughterhouse in the same way "The abyss" Throw away, simultaneously whistling her hourglass and put Urgatoa (deified standard undead) in the ass)))

1 – All of what you wrote is a meaningless stream of consciousness.
2 – Farazum first and most powerful goddess.
3 – the player at the end becomes only a demigod (that it is somehow food, but not at the level of true gods, let it with the potential for growth)
4 – only the desire of the deity is enough for the player’s character to stop existing – we just see this in the plot of the meof "Roy-what’s".
5 – Urgatoa became the goddess, being the only one who escaped from the farabo court, she is the first undead.

1- I can also say "Your words sound empty"
2 – when they themselves said that mortals existed before the gods (there are no people and God). It will be a plus if you go and read about ASHU, the prototype from which they licked all, up to the worship, blind brothers, white weaves and silent sisters.
You can also see other sources of their inspiration "Maleficent","Alice in Wonderland"," Dogma", "Scarecrow","Dragon dungeon" Here they are Docher from these sources were draining to make their product. And in order to understand them, they must also get acquainted with this, since they themselves really do not reveal anything. And now the joke for the musical "The last test" begs.
In addition, the commander can steal the actions of God, just like the god of action of the commander ..And this is especially visible on the myth of the lich.
3 – not at the end, but the whole game of power falls into the quality of the soul and everyone who could climb into the commander to divide the fate with him, which he will choose. Changing his character to the needs of the second half, which may be the main.
4 – well, of course, the Ulbrig still tell this from the DLC and Iomedai. She just managed to destroy the commander on the swarm. In principle, if Deskari had not chewed fierce hatred in him, he would have participated in the pharmacy.
And yes, a simple dark magician can destroy the soul (since you can bang the remains of the soul of staring and get a new artifact), and not just "goddess".
And so remained, because he "not alone" on that moment. And if you want to live on the swarm, you must do with him that the same hatred / love so that he is alive. And you won’t eat what it got.

5- Only her followers believe in this, undead itself has existed since the appearance of the human soul and its emotional equipment, for example "Hatred" what will happen at the gener if it is stupid to bury it, he will stand up to look for a minor corpse.
6 – And love will free you, so that even the gods here do not get there for their strength 0. as a case of Kestoglira, if his wife is still found and given.
And the commander will go out for her husband for grandfather on Lich and Faraz with Urgatoa will not do anything to them, but they decided not to finish it, putting it through "pillar" both of them with suckers, stupid standard. When they themselves wrote a top power is "The unbending ideal of the soul".
What can you understand you do not bend a pink salmon or you are a standard. And given that the game of LGBT, you can expect such tin, even with a man+ he will give a dress there if you have a norm on a relationship there)))
7 – and to the question of what is divine in this game. This is love and creation through reproduction, creation,+ caring for their creations and the second half that shove into each myth, but you will go and become a child when the theme of God is precisely in the fact that GG is the parent.
Che there is a faraz mother, Lamshat Mother, Arila is also a mother, she is a god (former half -demon) in a secret, and you are Lalka \ Herold.
And after the hand there is a herald, you will still become instead of him.
After all, they have introduced the magic of sins, all the narrative is a pancake tactics.
And on myths in their secrets, the whole topic boils down that you are a parent and you shove your soul number 2 as a spouse / spouse \ brother.. And they decided to just score the players without understanding this, no one will rebel, which means you can not finish.

1: According to the Concordance of Rivals, Pharasma Is the Oldest Being In Creation, The Sole Survivor of the Previous Multiverse’s Destructions. She was responsight for Shaping the New Reality in Its Earliest Days and Shielding it from Those Who Always Live Outside The Multiverse. According to the Windsong Testaments, She Appeared Alone in this New Reality and, Through The usal, Willed Most of Existence Into Being, Including the Outer Sphere, Num, Num Erous Planes and the Eight Earliest Gods. Along with Yog-Sothoth, She Became One of the Two Anchors of Creation, And Between Pharasma and Yog-Sothoth, The Age of Creation Began with the Birth of the Great Beender

2: The Following Events Are Believed to have OcCurred During the Age of Creation, Althush Not Necessarily in the Order Given Below.

The Great Beyond and Golarion are Creed.
Gods Appear.
The Osirian Deity Rales The Other Deits of His Pantheon.
Alghollthus Rule the Oceans
Other PowerFul Races, Such as the Xiomorn Vault Builders, Rule The Land
The Empires of the Vault Builders and Alghollthus Go to War, Eventually Leading to the Xiomorn Abandoning Golarion
The Lesser "Mortal" Races Start to Appear
An alliance of deits Battle rovagug; Unable to Destroy The Roun Beast, They Imprison Him in the Dead Vault.

Supplement: In the original adventure of mythical tracks, how are they presented in the game at all. By the way, if you are not in the know, the game is based on a hill, and your schizoteoria is poorly applicable here.

3: according to the hierarchy of the forces of entities – the demigod is weaker than God from which side do not look.

4: In fact, he was dead, the only thing that saved the commander from the Farazma court is the existence in the form of a part of Roy Deskari.

5: God is able to destroy not only the soul, he simply uses Wish and worships you from reality.

6: Urgathoa Herself Was Once A Mortal Woman Who Challenged and Rejected the Tenets of Deitse Followers Expected Mindless Conformity, Temporance, and Restraint. Who woold the Gods Craft Golarion Into Aar-Endless Buffet Abundant with Pleasures of the Body and Mind If the Living Weren’t Destined Feast From IT? URGATHOOA SO Loved Satiating Her Life’s Appetites that in Death, She Spat in the Face of Pharasma’s Judgment, Murdered the Psypoppop to aid Her Transition To Interl iFe, and Tore Herself from the Boneyard with A Feat of Will that Not one Returned Her to the Material Plane But Also Transformed Her Into the First Divine Undead Creature.

That you are inadequate does not mean that others do not know how to use the Internet.

7: Em.. And here and here and? Even inside the game, you can’t at all help Kestoglir at all if you are not standing in the way of the lich, it will wallow with a corpse and that all end.

8: You carry game, you can become a deity in different ways, but the most popular pass the test of starry stone. GG only found a way to rise to the state of the demigod, let it with the potential for growth.