Sales of Hogwarts Legacy exceeded 22 million copies, 2 million of them were sold in December

Sales of Hogwarts Legacy exceeded 22 million copies, 2 million of them were sold in December

According to Warner Bros. Games, by the end of 2023, 22 million copies of Hogwarts Legacy were sold, and about 2 million of them were for the December festive season.

"I am proud not only by sold copies, but also by the fact that the fans liked the game so much", – said the president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment David Huddad. "She revived Harry Potter and allowed gamers to become herself in this world, in this story. This is exactly what Avalanche achieved in the development of the game, and I think that this is why it caused such a resonance and remains the best -selling game of the year in the whole industry around the world".

According to the publisher belonging to Warner Bros. Discovery, Hogwarts Legacy gained 707 million hours of game from the moment of launch on February 10 and until December 31, when the AAA game was released for the Harry Potter universe. According to Haddad, "many" Fans returned to the game and passed it more than once, choosing another Hogwarts faculty to get new plot impressions.

In addition, there are interesting data in the game, according to which 819 million potions were welded in the halls of the virtual school of wizards, 1.3 billion magic plants were collected, 593 million magic beasts were saved and 4.9 billion dark wizards were defeated.

Having spent so much time, money and magic on the game, Haddad and Ko are already working on the continuation of the video game world of wizards. These include the previously announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, which is now at the beta testing stage, as well as "A number of other things", which are not yet announced and "will allow fans to become part of this world, history and characters deeper and deeper", – Says Haddad.

We have no specific statements about how and when the game on the Quiddich will appear on the market, but we are working to develop it in such a way as to please fans.

Given the success of Hogwarts Legacy, it is not surprising that Warner Bros has. There are already plans for future releases that can potentially do the same. Perhaps the continuation of the role-playing game with the open world is already preparing: the vacancies reported that the developer Avalanche Software is working on a new non-annexed AAA game.