The creator of Yakuza is not going to betray the expectations of fans and will continue to engage in solitary games

The creator of Yakuza is not going to betray the expectations of fans and will continue to engage in solitary games

One of the news shocked by the Japanese Game Industry was the departure of the creator of Yakuza Tosikhiro Nagosi to the Chinese company Netease. Although for the creator himself this means prosperity and new opportunities, there were fears that his new games would move away from traditional projects in favor of the interests of the new company, but he assures that this is not so.

In an interview with VGC, Tosikhiro Nagosi, the creator of Yakuza, the founder and director of Nagoshi Studio, talked about what hopes are assigned to his work with Netease. It is no secret that the Chinese company specializes in MMO and mobile games, so some fans are afraid of how it will affect the work of the Japanese creator, because his achievements in Yakuza created the legion of fans who know about the quality of his work.

In this regard, Nagosi admitted that there is uncertainty because of the type of company he works for, but assured that he would not betray his fans and, although he would not make a Yakuza remake, he will adhere to the same line when creating his next game :

Obviously, we will not create something exactly the same, but I understand that there are expectations of people based more on me as a creator and my personality. In this sense, I will not betray my fans, I will create something with my individuality, make a dramatic game, and all that, and my taste and individuality will be reflected in the game. I can’t say exactly what genre it will be or what the game will be, but I will not betray my fans.

Nagosi noted that this coincides with the purpose of Netease for the global expansion of the business, and for this they need proposals similar to what came from the Japanese developer, known for led to success in the West such a Japanese franchise: Yakuza:

Netease is very ambitious and wants to expand its business, achieving success around the world, including the category of console games, which coincides with our aspirations. Therefore, when we started our conversations, we agreed on our goals and directions to which we strive. We were practically one from the very beginning, and in the future, when we had meetings with each other, we became convinced that we were moving towards the goal that was set for ourselves.