After 2 years, Grey Skies developers apologize for their bad game and promise a free remaster

After 2 years, Grey Skies developers apologize for their bad game and promise a free remaster

Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story was released in November 2020 and received a negative assessment. After a more than a two -year break, its lead developer appeared again to apologize for the release of a bad game and try to rectify the situation by releasing a free remister.

Nathan Sidhaus from Steel Arts Software has recently published an announcement on the Grey Skies page in Steam, "dedicated to poor technique". Key moment – "Remaster is already on the way and will be available to everyone who bought the game for free".

After several years of difficult personal problems that did not allow me to engage in development, I returned and found that Grey Skies had problems and they received extremely bad reviews. Until recently, I did not even suspect how bad everything.

For comparison: Grey Skies has 33% of positive reviews in Steam, and in the Xbox store – 2.2 stars. Negative reviews were not a big secret, and the reviews about the game were negative from the early PlayStation shows, so it is not clear what rabbit hole it was necessary to fail in order not to notice how it was still accepted by.

However, Sidhaus continues:

I returned to the game with a fresh look after more than two years and completely understand what problems most people had. But I still think that under these problems we made a decent game. Therefore, I am engaged in remastering the game using new technologies that have become available, and my own improved knowledge in the field of development. I will carefully read all the comments and answer each of them, paying close attention to the most common complaints, such as clumsy movement and disappointing stealth elements.

I hope this will help to correct the mistakes that we made during development, and that some of you will want to try again.

The original version of the game in the future will be removed from the sale, and some users of Steam are already asking to arrange "The final sale" As the last "hooray".

It is not clear how much the team of developers was and whether someone else returns here, not to mention the fact that the players retired or not determined want to try her unfortunate mixture of stealth and survival. However, this gesture itself is positive, and quite rare. This is a belated, which has taken and, perhaps, a dangerous ambitious gesture, but positive.