There was unexpected information about the release date of GTA VI

There was unexpected information about the release date of GTA VI

If you believe the insiders, GTA VI will be available in November 2024, and the announcement can be expected already in 2023. This was reported by Altchar, with reference to the BUDZ user, known for its reliable plums about Rockstar Games. This date surprised many fans of the game tuned to a longer waiting. The most likely month of the first trailer is December. It is then that there will be a ceremony The Game Awards 2023, to which the continuation of the legendary series can be presented.

In addition, the recent financial report of Rockstar Games contained a hint of “revolutionary games”, which will be released from April 2024 to March 2025, which is well consistent with the drain from Budz.

Again hearing, as much as you can, the same thing to guess on the maps.

Well, the build shows that the game was half ready, and maybe more, I didn’t really rush. So it’s time to make an announcement

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I said that it would come out, 10 years have passed since GTA5 can be expected. There are always rumors with rockstars, they announce before the release of the game

The build could be collected much earlier than a fresh version, such as the merged atomic heart with bugs, errors and shortcomings, and everything was fine on the release

GTA VI will be available in November 2024

But, this is not exactly: D

I haven’t had time to buy a PC that could pull it.. but with a loan for the past I have not yet been calculated. Let’s at least 2026.. Che begins..

So not the fact that they will immediately release on a PC, again or two will have to wait, so you take a loan there

Just by 26 and will go to PC.

And right now what PC? I think the requirements will not be too high there. For minimum vidyak levels GTX 900-1000.Percent of 8 flows.Operative 8 GB minimum.

I think it all.. it will be a game of a new generation, and the requirements will be.. well no less cyberc..

You think the consoles will be able to pull GTA6? Well, in this case, my real baker will cope) I’m just not sure of this, if only. Do not announce at the same time with the GTA of the 6th generation console)

The same news is the third time

Great if the truth.

that does not care when he comes out then and comes out

The author clearly had a grandmother Tsiganka, who wondered on the coffee grounds.

It seems like Rockstar’s games before first were released on consoles, and a year later on PC?

I think this time there will already be a simultaneous release. The PC market has now grown strongly, there are news that many publishers (activist, caps) PC platform brings revenue more than PS and Xbox combined together. Well, if Sonya began to release their eczes on PC.

Haipozhor on the author of the article

If you believe the insiders

If I did not come out, I have to go to sick leave for 2 weeks on the release

Yes, nafig is needed. We haven’t passed Wi City yet..

It is unlikely, even if they show the first video at the end of 2023, she will have time to exit in November 2024.
Between the first of.The announcement and release of Polybas will pass a couple of years, as always.
GTA 4: Announcement 2006. – Exit 2008.
GTA 5: announcement 2011. – Exit 2013.
I do not think that something will change in this regard from GTA 6)

The last part was announced more than ten years ago, since then everything has changed! If you judge, then according to the extreme blockbuster – RDR2. The announcement was in the fall of 2016 – the exit was planned a year later, but then it was shifted.

Now there are no prerequisites to announce the sequel long before the release, the year seems to be a logical period for this kind of project with the highest degree of expectation. Especially if the start is purely console, the new generation is not even soon, the PC version can be polished after removing the cream. It seems that if it were not for the online component, and this is essentially another game, then the announcement has long been held. Surely, for sure, this is exactly the development of man-hours of development, which will then bring the main profit in distance, as it was with GTA5.

The news of course is a fortune -telling on the coffee grounds, but there is quite a place to be, one way or another, the announcement is not around the corner. If not this year, then the next with a high probability will be presented. Accordingly, the release in 2025, which fits into the reporting data.

I agree with the Maximus388. 10 years have passed. The market has become different. And it’s time to slow down in the GTA marketing, for two years there is no why, IP will do everything for itself.

Moreover, GTA 6 will be online again, and GTA V was sold incredibly because of it. And if the GTA V with online was like a pen with a full -fledged online and when it has already shown 100%for Take Two, then it makes no sense to stretch the distance between the announcement and the output window.

We are waiting for the six, I hope to bring the norms to physics better than in the four!

Probably in GTA 6 will be the same as San Andres and add Wi City and Liberty City

Absolutely not, according to the final -tech/investor call, it was already clear the latter that the announcement would be at the end of 23 or early 24

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