Victoria 3 received a large update 1.3 and paid addition to Voice of the People

Victoria 3 received a large update 1.3 and paid addition to Voice of the People

Victoria 3 Voice of the People DLC is already here, because in a strategic game there was a free Agitor system and 60 new faces who shake the gameplay process.

Many famous people of the Victorian era come to the game, and the system "Agitator" designed to use characters from history to shake the situation. In fact, she uses individual characters in order to constantly bring discord into your plans, since they promote political reforms that you may not want, forcing you to push them away.

You can pay 749 rubles for DLC "Victoria 3 Voice of the People", since the game will appear more historical color.

In the new DLC for Victoria 3, there is a lot of interesting things, since paid expansion is accompanied by free content.

The composition of the paid DLC

  • More than 60 new historical agitators: study new alternative stories with real historical characters, including John Brown, Emmelin Pankherst and Enver Pasha. These characters are integrated into the new system of free agitators, which allows us to make more diversity and participation in political reforms and the development of your nation.
  • Special actions of agitators: help agitators, putting them on to the leaders of interest groups, or send them to exile to weaken their influence. In some cases, you can also invite exiles of other nations to your society to take advantage of their ideas.
  • Unique French content: new events, missions and solutions inspired by the history of France. Get your advantage in North Africa, support one of the royal applicants or create a strong French empire in Europe and around the world.
  • New French buildings: Historical structures from France have been added to the map.
  • New art: a paper card unique for Voice of the People is clothed in a new form in the style of modern. New animations for revolutions emphasize the interests of rebellious groups, and for many societies new clothes and uniforms have been added.

Free update composition for Victoria 3

  • Part of what is included in the DLC Victoria 3 update is also free for everyone, so you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with changes and improvements without spending money if you do not want it.
  • New system "Agitator"
  • New political ideologies for France
  • Changes in the world map
  • Changes in legislation and revolution

And this is not all, with a full list of changes and additions in a free update, you can find here.