Friday the 13th: The Game is more unavailable in Steam. Servers will close in December 2024

Friday the 13th: The Game is more unavailable in Steam. Servers will close in December 2024

Friday The 13th: The Game, one of the best multiplayer games in the horror genre, is more unavailable in Steam. The game developed by Illfonic and published Gun Interactive brought the PVE horror system to a new level, since the players took on the role of vacationers who should act in order to survive against one person playing the role of Jason Wurchiz. The game had many advantages when it was launched in 2017, but they were practically nullified due to the ongoing problems with ownership of the license, which led to the cancellation of the planned content of the game to continue it and ultimately shutdown the servers.

Earlier this year, Gun Interactive informed the players that the game license officially and on December 31, 2023. This means that the game cannot be purchased.

This does not mean that you cannot continue to play it; You can still get access to it. However, one of the developers noted that all services for playing any kind will cease to exist in December 2024. Thus, you still have a whole year to play with friends.

IMHO, but this game left me good memories. As a fan of Friday, the 13th was very glad that the game is released on my favorite franchise, I remember how I constantly checked whether there was news from 2015 to 2017. R.I.P

In its own way, it is better for me than DBD, but there is! Beautiful different killings, the game, let’s say bloody, and in the DBD, even 1 murder of execution, and it only works with Memento Mori. But that Jason IMBA. Knows how to make a TP, can fly in a distance. In a common aggregate, it is not so easy against Jason. But DBD. I don’t really understand him. I don’t understand how an ENT, how everything happens. A maniac can kill the surviving 2 options. 1. Hang the surviving hook 3 times. 2. The offering to choose Mori’s memento and hang the survivor not 3 times, but 2 and execution will be available. However, execution animation, as I said above, only 1, is scarce. And hang on the whole survivors on the hook. This is some kind of game with survivors and I don’t understand her. As well as DBD some kind of garbage dump. DBD in general somehow did not have his own face so to say. T.e Friday is a named person, the face has. Friday based on Friday. And the DBD is just a set of killers, and from different entertainers. It’s like Mordall Combat once rolled into a trash. all kinds of jokers, terminator (Arnie) and T.D. Sorry on Friday, especially me. I failed to play it right in her, there are no friends 🙁

Yeah, that is why she was bent – could not stand her greatness.

So she was bent due to the fact that mutters and copyright problems appeared and they were stupidly forbidden to shove new content in the game. But in reality – it was quite worthy competition of the same DBD, in my opinion even better.