Digital Foundry enthusiasts conducted a technical analysis of the console versions of Remnant 2

Digital Foundry enthusiasts conducted a technical analysis of the console versions of Remnant 2

The console version of Remnant 2 fell under the magnifying glass of Digital Foundry, which has just published video analysis and comparison of the PlayStation and Xbox games from Gunfire Games, revealing various technical details.

The game created on the Unreal Engine 5 engine demonstrates quite advanced technical solutions, although some indicators of resolution and frame rate are not very convincing on almost all platforms.

Unreal Engine 5 mainly uses Nanite technology, which leads to the absence "loading of distant objects" in terms of detail, and rays and lumen trace are not represented here. For reflections, the Unreal Engine and SSR shades map are used, as well as the effects of occlusion; In general, the quality of the graphics is amazing.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X provide 3 graphic modes. In general, PS5 seems to have some problems with graphic artifacts that do not appear on other platforms.

The resolution and frequency of personnel are almost the same on PS5 and Xbox Series X in all three modes:

  • Quality: 30 frames per second and 1296p
  • Balanced: 60 frames per second (as target) and 792p
  • Productivity: 60 FPS and 720p

All modes increase the resolution to 1440p due to the temporary super -sealing of Unreal Engine, which is obtained at the output of the game, but, as already noted, starting with lower resolutions.

In mode "Qualities" above the density of vegetation, better shadow and ssr, and balanced and
mode "Performance" look very similar, although in the latter case problems are noticeable. In PS5 and Xbox Series X in a balanced mode, falls of up to 40 and 30 frames per second are observed, and in the performance mode there are no V-Sync and breaks are observed for the entire screen.

The Xbox Series X version is the only one that in the 120 Hz console is capable of exceeding 60 FPS, while on PS5 120 Hz mode and stuck on 60 FPS. VRR in any case, it seems, does not work properly in this mode.

The Xbox Series S has only a mode with a resolution of 900p and a frame rate of 30 FPS. Recall that Remnant 2 is available from today, July 25, 2023.