The player built on Starfield the flying Ford Mustang Fastback

The player built on Starfield the flying Ford Mustang Fastback

One skilled Starfield player created a flying copy of the classic Ford Mustang Fastback in the Bethesda space role -playing game.

Its design immediately resembles the famous "Pony-car": short roof, long hood and general sports aesthetics. The author KN-ART said that he sought to convey "The classic atmosphere of fastback", And the final result of his work suggests that for inspiration he turned to one of the options for the Ford Mustang Fastback coupe of the 70s.

Although the designer of Starfield ships for obvious reasons is not provided for wheels modules, this restriction did not force KN-Art to sacrifice authenticity. Instead, the fan decided to equip the ship with four semi -oval landing sites, which, after painting in black, successfully repeat the appearance of real wheels. Most of the key modules of the ship, such as the reactor and engraving, are not visible from the outside, so as not to violate the classic aesthetics "Pony-Kara", And numerous movers are located in the form of a spoiler, turning into a sports exhaust system.

Although the creator of this flying Ford Mustang Fastback did not report a specific list of parts, the fact that the spaceship takes only three floors and has a length of about four large hubs, suggests that its manufacture was not too expensive. In fact, given that many of its modules are clearly structural, it can be assumed that the cost of the ship is about 100,000 loans. For clarity, "structural" Components are cosmetic details that are inexpensive and exist mainly in order to ensure greater engineering freedom in terms of the ship’s shape.

So far, the fandom manages to use these flexible modules as much as possible, as evidenced by the fact that before this flying pony car in Starfield appeared amazing taxi replicas from "Fifth element" from Radicalrux and "Batmobile Tumbler" from Hardaha (which you can see below), as well as many completely original ships. Given that in the second half of September, the number of players in Starfield reached ten million, in the near future there will be many more impressive starships on the network.