One of the players found a quick way to gain experience in Starfield

One of the players found a quick way to gain experience in Starfield

Experience glasses – one of the key elements of role -playing games. Without them, it is impossible to develop a character and the development of new skills. Starfield players also know about this, because the Universe is a complex area during the game. One of the fans of the game found an interesting way to earn experience. He found a method that allows you to move the character much faster and easier to a higher level. Error, feature or just curiosity?

The method of obtaining XP in Starfield seems obvious. Perform plot missions, look for side tasks and win enemies. Sounds standard, isn’t it? In fact, there is another way that you should get to know better. One of the players noted that a great way to quickly develop a character in the game is to go to Schrödinger III. There is a real XP farm. What is this new method?

We go to the aforementioned place, put the ship to the surface and. We climb on its roof. Armed with a suitable long -range weapon, we begin to shoot at everything that moves. On the surface of Schrödinger III is full of fauna, which will not necessarily attack us, and each defeated animal guarantees us an influx of experience. Sometimes we can even get several hundred. At the same time, we don’t have to run somewhere, it’s just a accurate to shoot a accurately so that the XP starts to enter our account, and the character moves forward.

It looks like a bug? Partly so it is. The game community on Reddit noted that now Bethesda can remove this method, for example, reducing the intensity of life on the planet of the pets or significantly influencing the number of experiences earned points. However, until the game receives an update, you can confidently use this method. Simple pumping of a character – a good reward for minor tricks or the operation of gaming mechanics.

Recall that Starfield was released on September 6, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X | S. The game is also available in the cloud and by the Xbox Game Pass.