The first quake 2 Remastered update contains improvements in the quality of life, balance changes and error correction

The first quake 2 Remastered update contains improvements in the quality of life, balance changes and error correction

Nightdive Studios released the first update for Quake 2 Remastered, introducing many improvements in the quality of the game, some changes in balance and several noticeable errors.

Speaking in more detail, the first patch adds the “Underwater Deformation” switch to the game process parameters menu. In addition, it improves navigation on compass targets in various places in Quake II, The Reckoning, Ground Zero and Quake II 64. He also adds an additional chain segment to the plasma ray and hook when using higher viewing angles and improves cases when the impulse can get lost when climbing the stairs.

As always, Steam will upload this update the next time the client is launched. The full list of changes is available at the link.

As many as the quality of life improves. This is a truly useful update!

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Need to look. Some kind of expansion of housing, an increase in income and simplified partnership with halves.

"contains improvements in the quality of life"

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