The Day Before developers published a message to those who supported them, and those who criticized them

The Day Before developers published a message to those who supported them, and those who criticized them

FNTASTIC, The Day Before development studio, published in their social networks a sincere message addressed to everyone who supported the game and studio for the past few years, as well as those who have expressed doubts and criticism, trying to clarify some issues once and for all.

After numerous deferrals, The Day Before will finally be in early access on December 7, 2023.

  • “Our future players who will plunge into the game December 7th:

We created it for you so that you can enjoy it and arrange a party. Together we will continue to improve the game and add content.

We did it for you. We accept any criticism and do not hold evil on you. Before we continue together, let’s mark several things:

Please forgive us if we have not done the best marketing and teasers. We learn to do everything better and better day.

Please do not blame us for fraud; This is not true. We have never taken a cent of.

Please do not blame us for theft of resources; This is also not true. Our team worked day and night for five years to realize our dream game into reality.

Please do not underestimate our work; It was not easy. We are similar to you; We worked a lot. And we are incredibly glad that our game will finally see the light and everyone will be able to play it.

  • Our supporters, no matter what happens:

Thank you for protecting us from injustice and lies. Your kind words gave us energy to create this game.

  • The future streamer will demonstrate the game on December 7:

We wish you a lot of spectators and new subscribers. We hope that the whole secret of The Day Before will help you create a lot of interesting content.

  • Our volunteers who supported us not only in a word, but also with deed:

Your support helped us get to this day. You supported us in the darkest nights, and we can’t wait to share the coming better days with you.

  • And the partner who believed in us, despite all the difficulties:

Thank you for supporting us from the very beginning of development. Your advice and support helped us make the game.

On the eve of Christmas and New Year we wish your families of joy and happiness! We love all “.