Skyrim Winterhold was recreated on Unreal Engine 5 in compliance with realistic sizes

Skyrim Winterhold was recreated on Unreal Engine 5 in compliance with realistic sizes

The LEO Torres user published a video showing Winterhold from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Unreal Engine 5 engine. This video can give us an idea of ​​how a new generation Skyrim might look like.

Leo Torres has rendered this card in Unreal Engine 5.3.2 on Nvidia RTX 3060TI. He used models of third -party developers and his own assets. To create user assets, he used Blender. For all models and leaves, the artist used Nanite. In addition, for GI and reflections, he used lumen.

Leo Torres is not a beginner in creating an amazing Skyrim view on Unreal Engine 5. He has already done it before. In April 2023, he shared a cool video with Vaitran in Unreal Engine 5. Then, in October, he did it again, recreating the city of Soliyud in UE5. This guy knows a lot about his business.

The artist created Winterhold to a much more realistic and appropriate plot of the game. Now he seems to be a very real place.

Soon for games with such graphics you will need such a video card, but still the game looks beautiful.

And the sense of it if it is not connected to the slot of the motherboard, then at least the raiser would be painted, which goes to the apartment!

So this is the installation process)

Well, you can see – there is a cable upwards and enters the apartment – this is exactly the connection cable to her to the computer . 😂😂😂

There is a similarity, but it cuts the eyes from this because it tries to seem real and close to reality and if you compare with reality the game in losing due to piles and not correspondences

Skyrim is beautiful, as always

Yes, I will tell you that this is not for you to play 8 bits))))

OP, Haters, NOT WHILE Witcher -Witmac -___-

Eh, I would like to see all Tamriel in its lorne sizes. But hardly. Even with simpler graphics, filling it all up not seemed to be an empty lifeless field, it will be difficult

with machine generation of biomes and calculation of precipitation and erosion, I think you can. Although I would put such a theoretical restriction of about 1000×1000 km, this size for worlds with static content can already have to make dynamic procedural generation because of the game in the main one will not fit into the pitch and there will be problems with loading. And the size of Tamriel is more probably if you do not do the whole planet, although it is debatable how to count it, it can be counted from the day and the distance passed.e. Basically, just multiply the game time by the attitude to real time by scale or look for data in Laura, but the only thing I will notice in the Oblivion of one of the quests are said about finding a cave or camp of bandits, it is at some time on foot. A normal person will walk and not run so that the floor is for a rather large piece of card. So there are some kind of European size. A couple of hours by car by car and another province arrived.

Another question is that let’s say a game where the whole interesting card with the provinces was shut up and then what they will sell?

Well done, but there are not enough special effects and filters, especially at night. probably they strongly load the system, and they optimized as they could.

marker + meter -meter is needed just. if Gra is not surveying from from. I just look at Merker and occasionally at a kilometer to the target, look if you start to deviate or you can’t run in a straight line.
but there are no animals here, as it were, in fact, NPS and traffic in cities should be done. In fact, there is a character then you can close up and show a gameplay then you need to be a diverse specialist with a team or have a long time to have a long time.

Damn, I did not know that the PG accounts were registered with AI, only this AI for some reason was very poorly trained, at the level of a child of 2-3 years!

And where are the characters themselves.

Skyrim 6 should look exactly like Leo! This game is worthy of such graphics! Very beautiful, fabulous! Many fans are trying to achieve a similar quality for their assembly! Alas, many are disappointed! Leo has top iron!