The Len’s Island roadmap reveals when the game comes out of early access and receives a multi -user regime

The Len’s Island roadmap reveals when the game comes out of early access and receives a multi -user regime

Brisben Flowing Studio published Len’s ISLAND. It tells what awaits players in the coming months on the eve of its full launch in July 2024.

One of the founders of the studio Julian Ball described in detail that the players will receive from each of the next four major updates on the blog on the official website of the game, and this is worth reading if you want to get a detailed idea that the studio plans for the future Len’s Island.

The first update, called Harvest Moon, will be released in November and will include four new outposts for resource mining: small and large sawmills, mountain quarry and metal -processing plant, as well as three new islands, new defensive towers, portals, city development system, city development, updating buildings and the appearance of rabbits. Perhaps the most interesting addition will be the Harvest Moon event, which will take place every 7-10 gaming days and allow players in a short period of time to get a large number of resources.

The second update, "Languages", Planned for December. It will appear new caves, construction objects and sheep, as well as translation into new languages ​​(there is no English among them yet) and Steam Deck support.

In March 2024, Len’s Island will receive Frozen Lands, which will add a new Arctic world to the map with new bosses, weapons and construction items.

After that, in July 2024, Len’s Island will be ready to say goodbye to early access and say hello to version 1.0. At the moment, the Flow Studio confirms that by the complete release of the game, it will appear in it such a welcome multiplayer mode of the joint game and hardcore regime.

Of course, all this with a reservation that "road map" may change depending on the development process. Be that as it may, for players in Len’s Island, an interesting time has come.

More recently, Len’s Island has renewed Cursed Underworlds, which added a new system of underground procedural caves, enchanting weapons, armor, updated skills, new survival mechanics, peaceful game mode and much more.